Safeguarding Information: The Value of School & Childcare Booking Systems

School and childcare booking systems are extremely important when it comes to safeguarding the youth of today. There are a range of benefits we’re going to explore in this article that showcase just how an efficient system could revolutionise your student and staff’s experience, whilst providing a safe space to monitor and protect.

How Our Childcare Booking Systems Simplify Parental Engagement & Prioritises Safeguarding

In a recent UK government study, over 70% of schools have begun integrating digital solutions into day-to-day tasks. As technology advances, this will only increase. So, here’s how CES’s software can help you, as an educational establishment, and parent:


An efficient school and childcare booking system opens a direct line of communication between educational establishments and parents at all times. This means that everything is transparent, and parents can be aware of how their child is, what they’re doing, and their performance whenever needed.

Increased parental engagement has been proven to have a positive impact on students academic progress and overall well being according to a review of parental engagement by the UK National Statistics Office.


Most importantly, Complete Education Solutions focuses heavily on safeguarding with our childcare booking system. We protect data privacy with secure access controls, regular audits and comprehensive data encryption to ensure our childcare booking software adheres to all privacy regulations.

We understand how important this is for trust and confidence and as a result, make it our number one priority as a business that cares of its customers.

Access To Information:

Gone are the days where information could be confused by delivery systems and the students themselves. Complete Education Solution’s school and childcare booking system provides parents with convenient access to all their child’s essential information in one place, this includes:

  • Academic calendar
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Events
  • Performance

Real time access to this kind of information means parents are aware and in-the-loop at all times to ensure their child gets what they need, when they need it.

Resource & Time Management With An Efficient School Booking System

One of the biggest advantages to a childcare booking system is the efficiency it can bring to a school. Administrative tasks and logistics can be difficult to manage, so having a digital solution that takes care of this can be extremely beneficial not only for students, but teachers and parents too.

A well organised establishment means that elements such as safeguarding and student wellbeing can be prioritised, let’s go into more detail on how CES’s software achieves this.

Time Management:

Time management is a skill that all children must learn. Enhancing this skill from an early age can give a student the advantage, and push them to learn the importance of punctuality and how valuable time usage can truly be. A school booking system is fantastic for achieving just that.

As a centralised, cloud based platform, all appointments, calendars and deadlines can be found in one place. This means everyone has access to the required information 24/7 to ensure time can be managed appropriately when it needs to be, in the right places.

Resource Management

An efficient childcare booking system manages resources such as study materials and extracurricular activities through an intuitive interface designed with usability at its heart. By taking advantage of this interface, students, parents and teachers alike can manage commitments and ensure all resources and facilities are utilised.

Integrate A Childcare Booking System To Streamline Academic Practises

An intuitive school and childcare booking system streamlines administrative processes and uses data to make informed decisions. This element is invaluable for student wellbeing and efficient processes. We’ve gone into more detail below:


The booking software created by Complete Education Solutions simplifies a range of administrative tasks such as:

  • Scheduling
  • Resource allocation
  • Event planning

By simplifying these elements of administration, it saves time, and enables teachers and parents to prioritise elements of education such as academia and institutional growth.

In the past, so much time has gone into the planning and scheduling of extracurricular activities and lessons that essential elements such as a child’s wellbeing and performance could be dismissed unknowingly. With a childcare booking system taking care of the logistics, all parties involved are free to focus on what truly matters.

Data-Driven Decision Making

What’s even more impressive about an efficient booking system, is the data driven decision making process that helps users make decisions based on insights and real time data. CES’s tool provides educational establishments with reports on engagement, performance and resource utilisation to help identify consistencies and the effectiveness of progress.

With this kind of information, clients can mould and tailor different schedules, classes and activities to focus on elements such as a child’s happiness, performance and overall well being.

Contact Complete Education Solutions For Childcare Booking Software That Keeps Your School Safe

Overall, we’ve highlighted a variety of different components that a school booking system covers. These components all add up to a piece of software that has safeguarding at the core of its values. If you’re considering a new childcare booking system to help improve this element for your establishment, then get in touch with Complete Education Solutions today.