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Seven Ways That An iPal School Booking System Can Reduce Business Admin

A comprehensive school booking system is the perfect solution to all your slow and arduous business admin issues. It’s easy to get bogged down in the administrative tasks that accompany childcare and club management, and miss out on what’s really important – the children. 

By utilising booking software from Complete Education Solutions, you’ll free up time to focus on activities, curriculum, lesson plans and safeguarding to ensure each child gets the time and enjoyment they deserve. If you’re still not convinced, we’ve outlined seven convenient and compelling reasons below, to help you decide if the booking software is right for you.

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Simple & Friendly UI

One of the most seamless and attractive features of a custom built, fully optimised school booking system, is the user interface. When software is designed by the experts, it works no matter your level of familiarity with technology. You’ll be able to clearly see all the available features. What’s more, intuitive and thoughtful layouts will help to direct you where you need to go, whilst giving you the freedom to customise and explore as much as you like. 

Secure Payment Processing

As with any transaction, you’ll want to be sure that your money is protected and handled correctly. This kind of task can be stressful and time consuming when handled on an individual basis in-house. However, by integrating our software, you can be confident with the peace of mind that our gateway handles everything swiftly, and securely. What’s more, it’s automated, meaning you can significantly reduce the traditional administration time of payment processing. As a result, you can spend my time on the things that matter.

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Staff Morale & Motivation

Morale can be impacted by all manner of issues and problems. Motivation is directly related to morale, and if morale is low, then so is motivation. As a result, you’ll want to minimise any time consuming and tedious tasks that may effect a teams morale, and result in low motivation which will ultimately become a detriment to the clubs, classes and lesson plans you’ve come to pride yourself on. One of the easiest and most effective ways of achieving this is by implementing a school booking system that automates, and takes care of all the tasks that bring team morale down.

School Booking Management

Another reason to implement a school booking system is the centralised management and automated booking features that would usually have to be done manually by staff. There’s a huge amount of admin time involved in the case-by-case booking and management of clubs, lessons, students and parents that could be completely removed. Furthermore, implementing software that takes care of this means that all those lost hours can now be channelled into more constructive areas like planning thoughtful and beneficial PE lesson plans, or working on making each club activity a memorable experience for children and staff alike.

Intuitive Communication Tools

Transparency and communication is the cornerstone of any successful business, and this extends to school booking systems too. Often, things can get lost in translation, and people may become misinformed, or left in the dark unintentionally. A comprehensive booking software such as iPal comes installed with extensive communication components so teachers, administrators and parents can all freely talk. You’ll be able to share everything possible so that a parent knows how their child is doing, and staff members can be informed about issues to keep an eye out for, such as behavioural problems or allergies.

Data Analytics & Customisable Reports

As if there weren’t enough reasons for transitioning into a modern school booking system, CES also offers comprehensive data analytics and customisable reports. This means that all manner of accessible data is recorded and measured within the booking software to provide staff and parents reports about progress, condition and consistencies so not only can a parent stay on top of their child’s performance, but staff can implement strategies, lesson plans and much, much more for continued development.

Easy Integration For Your School Booking System 

Finally, if you’re considering an iPal school booking system, you may be worried about the integration process. Fortunately, it couldn’t be simpler. Our system is designed to full integrate with any software to ensure no information or time gets lost during the transition process. What’s more, our team are always on hand for technical support and go above and beyond to ensure you make the most of iPal software. If you’re interested in how to integrate a school booking system in more depth, we have plenty of information available.

Choose Complete Education Solutions & iPal For An Effective School Booking System & Reduce Business Admin

At CES, we’re committed to safe, secure and simple to use school booking systems for all our customers. We made our software because we see the value in an efficient service for clubs, schools and childcare establishments. We know that the less time spent on business admin, the more time spent developing children into healthy, happy adults. For more information on our products, get in touch with us today.