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iPAL Interactive - School Club Booking & Childcare Management System

Digital club booking, register, invoicing and billing system.
Perfect for childcare providers, schools and child services.

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“Before iPAL was introduces I spent much of my time collating registers (and amending registers) writing invoices (and amending invoices) and chasing payments. With IPAL as our booking system I can now spend time doing what I originally set out to do as a childcare worker, that being care for children! iPAL has also cut down on paperwork from a registration point of view, with all child details being just one click away and I am able to keep parents informed of news etc. via the email function which, again, saves me a lot of time and effort. I’m not quite sure how I managed my time before iPAL.”


“I work shifts so often I require ad hock childcare at a minute’s notice. With iPAL I can book online from the comfort of my own home within just minutes to spare and know my 2 children will be on the register and collected for after school club. I also know where I am up to with my payments and can put extra money into my online wallet ready to pay as I go which works so much better for me than receiving an invoice.”

James (Parent)

“I was a bit reluctant when the new system was introduced but can’t tell you how pleasantly surprised I am. I am still able to use childcare vouchers to pay and no longer have to worry about contacting staff about changes to my bookings as I make all the bookings myself. There is also a handy calendar which I can keep track of bookings I have made – a huge step forward if you ask me.”

Rachel (Parent)

“SHH were presented the option of working with CES (iPal) following their work with partners in the city. iPal recognised the timescales we were working to, understood the holiday club landscape and our delivery approach in Sheffield.  The iPal booking solution is intuitive to use, their technical and customer support throughout the summer was excellent and a significant plus is that the data is collected effectivity, making monitoring simpler”

Fidelma, HAF Organiser, Sheffield Council