How To Integrate A School Booking System For Your Afterschool Clubs

The logistics of running an afterschool club can be a difficult task without an effective school booking system. To provide extra curricular activities to children can be fulfilling and life affirming, but it’s not without its organisational hurdles. 

That’s why the integration of education booking software can remove all the hassle of running your programs, without losing any of the gratification. At Complete Education Solutions, we understand how important this type of organisation can be. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to integrate our system into your afterschool curriculum.

Why Do I Need A School Booking System For My After School Club?

It’s well known that afterschool clubs can play a pivotal role in providing an enriching and productive learning experience. It expands beyond traditional classroom settings and helps to promote growth and inclusion. However, a dysfunctional and poorly organised club can create reluctance and poor attendance. 

According to the review of efficiency from the UK’s department of education, an efficient system for classroom and afterschool club logistics plays a significant role in student engagement.

 So if you’re looking for a way to improve your extracurricular activities with simple organisation methods, a school booking system may be exactly what you need.

The Integration Process

Our school booking system integration is simple. We meticulously designed the software to adjust to your existing administrative framework with minimal disruption to workflow and established systems.

See below for a step by step process on how to take advantage of our exclusive booking software:

Step One: Carry Out A Needs Assessment

The first stage of integrating a school booking system is a needs assessment that aligns with the UK Government’s Education & Skills Funding Agency. This kind of assessment helps to identify requirements and areas in which you can improve your afterschool clubs.

By conducting an assessment like this, your administrators can tailor booking systems to align with your personal objectives and needs. From here, you’ll create a solid foundation for seamless integration and personalised club improvements.

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Step Two: Customise Our School Booking System To Meet The Needs Of Your Afterschool Club Activities

It’s no use having a school booking system that can’t adapt to your personal requirements. Every club is different and that’s what makes the UK’s educational system prosper and grow. The ability for individuals to tailor curriculums and classes in a unique manner to suit the students and the ethos of the establishment itself is invaluable.

That’s why Complete Education Solutions offers features such as attendance management and parent communication tools. This gives students, teachers and parents alike, a chance to monitor, contribute and mould the perfect afterschool club.

Step Three: Train Your Staff For A Smooth Transition

Switching school booking systems or integrating an entirely new way of logistics can be chaotic without appropriate training. Fortunately, our software is simple to operate and user friendly.

 As a result, training is minimal. However, we do advise that all staff members are trained on how to efficiently use the booking software to their advantage. With the proper training that our company is happy to guide you through, each individual can adjust, optimise and create the perfect after school club organisation to suit their needs.

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Step Four: Data & System Migration

Integrating all your data into a new system is essential for a smooth transition. Student records, past history, attendance and all other forms of vital information need to be switched over seamlessly in order to mitigate any growing pains with the new software.

Fortunately, our technical support team here at Complete Education Solutions can aid in the smooth transfer of any crucial data. We guarantee the continuity of afterschool club schedules and administrative records so you can rest assured there will be no issues undertaking our school booking system.

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Step Five: Setting Up Your Reports & Analysis

One of the unique aspects of Complete Education Solution’s school booking software is the ability to set up your own reports and analysis. According to the Education Endowment Foundation, being able to monitor key aspects such as attendance can be vital for improving the quality of life for students and their growth. 

We’ve designed our system to enable administrators to generate reports on engagement, resource utilisation and much more to allow you to enhance the afterschool experience indefinitely.

Step Six: Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Finally, now that your system has been set up, your staff has been trained, and the software customised, you’re ready to go. However, our priority here at Complete Education Solutions is continued excellence. 

As a result, the best way to achieve this is through your support and feedback. We actively seek user suggestions to help enhance and update our software. This will allow us to constantly adapt and utilise our clients requirements and help to create the perfect school booking software.

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