About Us

Complete Education Solutions was founded by a dedicated team of experts with over 30 years of experience working within Education and childcare settings.

Passionate about the need to highlight the importance of an active lifestyle and PE for young children and eradicating the endless admin requirements taking you away from providing the childcare services you wanted to, so they set out to create a solution.

Utilising their vast experience operating their own childcare services and coaching companies, they created iPAL and iPEP, two much needed and much loved platforms solving many of the needs within the sector.

Our platforms are the last purchase you will need.

Our digital platforms and education solutions have been designed with children, parents, teachers, and service providers in mind, ensuring that their needs are exceeded.

You no longer need multiple systems to do simple tasks.

Gone are the pay walls and the not so optional extras.

Meet our founders

Marc Sewell
Marc Sewell
David James

After founding a coaching company together in 2006, they rapidly identified shortcomings within multi-sports disciplines and general PE teaching. In a bid to help those they worked with, together they began showing how to improve the teaching of the PE curriculum to coaches and teachers alike.

Running out of school childcare services in 2008 and progressing to pre-schools and nurseries since 2015, they discovered the issues faced by operators, staff and parents and has set out to solve this, letting you get back to the fun part of your job.

To ensure quality within their software, they have continued to provide all their previous services through S4YC keeping them in the perfect position to develop the platforms in the way that works for those use it.