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iPEP Teacher Training and Development Days

Get the most out of your iPEP system with our comprehensive training days, teaching you the tips and tricks to be a pro.

Overview Features & Benefits


Fantastic resources for teachers to use.

“Using iPEP within our schools has helped us enhance the link between teachers and Cool Sports, but more importantly it has helped aid the development of students and improved the PE provision.”

Cool Sports

Significantly improve the delivery of PE.

“Ever since we started using iPEP, the delivery of PE has improved significantly. It improves assessments and individual skills of students and has an abundance of resources to improve teacher confidence too”  

Gosforth Primary School

Allows better tracking of talented students

“The ease of use to assess pupils during and after sessions has been great for our coaches and ensured the reports we are able to send out to our partner schools have improved in quality and usage”

Allerdale Multi Skill Academy Programme