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Through the power of digital technology, we provide innovative childcare solutions and education planning tools that engage children and staff whilst enhancing and recording their development.

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Booking and PE Systems you can trust

From childcare bookings and PE lesson planning systems to activity booking and school and service reviews, we provide the solution. Also our range of products provide you with a wide range of offline and online digital education and business solutions.

Our booking and PE systems have been designed with children, parents, teachers, and service providers in mind. By exceeding your needs we save you time and money.

We will provide you with highly trained staff to support the delivery of lessons as well as introduce new wrap around care services to your school through S4YC. Also with our Teaching Assistant CPD you will ensure your Teaching Assistants are the best in class.

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iPAL Interactive Booking & Management System

Digital booking, register, invoicing and billing system.
Perfect for childcare providers and child services.


iPEP Interactive PE Planner & Assessment Software

Our market-leading, admin-busting PE lesson planner allows you to create your long, medium and short-term plan in a few clicks.


iPEP Teacher Training and Development Days

Get the most out of your iPEP system with our comprehensive training days, teaching you the tips and tricks to be a pro.


Edutapp Online Teaching Assistant CPD

Our revolutionary new way to provide Teaching Assistant CPD across your school with our online training platform.


S4YC Childcare and Club Solutions

Specialist providers of holiday clubs, out of school clubs and early years childcare. We have your needs covered.


Working together to deliver leading traditional and digital education solutions

At Complete Education Solutions we are passionate about education and school life. We use our vast experience in education to provide high quality education solutions to schools, clubs and service providers.

If you want to finally make your business work for you as well as reduce your workload our booking system and PE planner will reduce your admin and increase your turnover.

Whether you are setting up an afterschool club, running a nursery or sports club, our booking and payment system will support you.

Get in touch today and book a demo and change your future.


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Fantastic resources for teachers to use.

“Using iPEP within our schools has helped us enhance the link between teachers and Cool Sports, but more importantly it has helped aid the development of students and improved the PE provision.”

Cool Sports

Significantly improve the delivery of PE.

“Ever since we started using iPEP, the delivery of PE has improved significantly. It improves assessments and individual skills of students and has an abundance of resources to improve teacher confidence too”  

Gosforth Primary School

Allows better tracking of talented students

“The ease of use to assess pupils during and after sessions has been great for our coaches and ensured the reports we are able to send out to our partner schools have improved in quality and usage”

Allerdale Multi Skill Academy Programme

“Before iPAL was introduces I spent much of my time collating registers (and amending registers) writing invoices (and amending invoices) and chasing payments. With IPAL as our booking system I can now spend time doing what I originally set out to do as a childcare worker, that being care for children! iPAL has also cut down on paperwork from a registration point of view, with all child details being just one click away and I am able to keep parents informed of news etc. via the email function which, again, saves me a lot of time and effort. I’m not quite sure how I managed my time before iPAL.”


“I work shifts so often I require ad hock childcare at a minute’s notice. With iPAL I can book online from the comfort of my own home within just minutes to spare and know my 2 children will be on the register and collected for after school club. I also know where I am up to with my payments and can put extra money into my online wallet ready to pay as I go which works so much better for me than receiving an invoice.”

James (Parent)

“I was a bit reluctant when the new system was introduced but can’t tell you how pleasantly surprised I am. I am still able to use childcare vouchers to pay and no longer have to worry about contacting staff about changes to my bookings as I make all the bookings myself. There is also a handy calendar which I can keep track of bookings I have made – a huge step forward if you ask me.”

Rachel (Parent)

I am extremely grateful for my son's nursery. As he's autistic he needs extra support, which they have accommodated without question. The love and support they give my son is second to none, and puts my mind at ease. His learning has come on so well. Thank you for all the hard work!

Stacey (Mother)

Helped improve our TAs

"With the short and flexible videos available for TAs we’ve been able to help to improve their standards and refresh their knowledge on topics."

St Davids Primary School

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