Booking Systems: How Do Schools Decide Which Software To Use?

30th April 2024

When it comes to education, the integration of school booking and general childcare software and systems plays a vital role in streamlining school operations. With every day that passes, schools and childcare institutions are increasingly turning to various software solutions, not only to enhance learning experiences but also to manage administrative tasks more efficiently. Among […]

A Guide To Increase Parental Engagement With Childcare Software

18th April 2024

A parent’s engagement in their children’s education through booking and childcare software or systems is more crucial than ever. At Complete Education Solutions, we understand the importance of this engagement, which is why we are proud to introduce our comprehensive guide on utilising childcare software to enhance parental involvement. The Impact of Parental Engagement Research […]

Seven Ways That An iPal School Booking System Can Reduce Business Admin

29th January 2024

A comprehensive school booking system is the perfect solution to all your slow and arduous business admin issues. It’s easy to get bogged down in the administrative tasks that accompany childcare and club management, and miss out on what’s really important – the children.  By utilising booking software from Complete Education Solutions, you’ll free up […]

Safeguarding Information: The Value of School & Childcare Booking Systems

18th December 2023

School and childcare booking systems are extremely important when it comes to safeguarding the youth of today. There are a range of benefits we’re going to explore in this article that showcase just how an efficient system could revolutionise your student and staff’s experience, whilst providing a safe space to monitor and protect. How Our […]

How To Integrate A School Booking System For Your Afterschool Clubs

21st November 2023

The logistics of running an afterschool club can be a difficult task without an effective school booking system. To provide extra curricular activities to children can be fulfilling and life affirming, but it’s not without its organisational hurdles.  That’s why the integration of education booking software can remove all the hassle of running your programs, […]